Wine Cork Art Projects How-To

Your special occasion wine corks no longer have to collect dust or hide in a drawer. We have a unique collection of cork collector kits. You can create your own personal work of art with wine corks saved over the years, collected from restaurants or from the wine country vacations.

Wine cork art projects are fun to do with the family. The end result is a beautiful cork bulletin board, trivet or serving tray filled with memories of your favorite wines and vineyards.

Oval Wine Cork Trivet

Wine Cork Laxy SusanRound wine cork board kit

Got Wine Corks?

Our wine cork art craft projects are beautiful works of art for your home, kitchen, wine cellar, or living area.  I reused my wine corks from my Central Coast and Temecula wine country vacation and created a wine cork wall artwork. It’s  located in my mudd room off the garage. I love seeing it on my way in or out the house. Here I use my wine pewter pushpins to post notes, business cards, and messages I don’t want to miss on my way out the door.

Wine Cork Board Shadow Box Kit

Siena Wine Cork Board

Flange Wine Cork Board


Wine cork boards are easy and fun to make. Just add your cork collection to one of these solid wine cork boards and you’ll create a masterpiece of wine art. WineVine Imports has an exclusive collection of solid framed cork boards with decorative trim borders. You will only find these designer wine cork boards here.  They are hand crafted from a local, skilled wood carpenter, Paul. He is always coming up with new wine cork creations. Paul’s last innovative wine cork creation are our popular wine cork drink coasters.

Ornate Wine Cork Serving Tray

 Here are some tips as you begin to cork:

Make one row at a time along the perimeter of the board. Alternate corks horizontally and vertically, either one or two at a time. Use a ruler as a guide to ensure level rows.

Complete the rows from the perimeter toward the middle. Try not to line up corks but rather stagger the rows. Use the hot glue or white glue to glue each row as it is completed. If you need to remove a cork after it has been glued and dried, use a screwdriver, but do not use the frame for leverage.

When you reach the midsection of the corkboard it often results like a jigsaw puzzle. So save any very long or short corks for the middle. You may need to shave the ends of some corks for a better fit. They should fit snugly. Use ample glue and allow several days for drying.

When making a trivet glue the corks on the side that the corks will rise above the wood frame. When making coasters, shave corks for perfect fit and only use glue in-between corks.

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