Top Trending Wine Gifts for 2016

wine-gifts-palm-tree-on-the-rocks-glasses-set-of-4-rolf-glass-ptdof-38Whether you need a thoughtful birthday present or an amazing holiday gift, it’s always important to stay on top of the latest trends. The only way to spice things up year to year is to ensure that you never give the same gift twice. Now, if your spouse, sibling, parent, or coworker is a wine lover, you’re in luck! In no particular order, the following gifts are the hottest items for 2016. Stay on trend by picking up a few for your sister, grandfather, husband–even yourself!





What are the top trending wine gifts of 2016?



wine-gifts-personalized-wine-barrel-lazy-susan-2-day-designs-sku1155-31810. Wine-inspired Lazy Susans

Wine drinkers are coming up with new ways to repurpose the stunning oak wood left over from used wine barrels. For a contemporary rustic kitchen, dining room, or lounge, a gorgeous personalized wine barrel lazy susan is both environmentally-friendly, fully functional, and absolutely fabulous.





wine-gifts-barrel-serving-tray-with-antique-handles-and-raised-oak-sides-thousand-oaks-barrel-co-br14-3289. Wine Barrel Serving Trays

Made from an old whiskey quarter barrel, an inverted wooden tray makes the perfect accompaniment to any recipient’s coffee or bistro table. You can use them to display and carry cheese, grapes, as well as a freshly uncorked bottle of wine. Just remember to admire its stunning pine and oak composition!





wine-gifts-personalized-glencairn-whiskey-glasses-with-diamond-band-set-of-4-rolf-glass-102405-378. Personalized Diamond Glasses

Never sip your spirit the same way again! A set of diamond monogrammed scotch or whiskey glasses are endlessly elegant and practical. Have your dad or husband’s initials etched onto their ornate exterior, and watch him pour a stiff one in style.





wine-gifts-personalized-whiskey-glasses-set-of-4-rolf-glass-sku3032-367. Whiskey Glasses

Stemless glassware is all the rage! Whether you like wine, whiskey, rum, or vodka, a set of premium whiskey glasses always does the trick. These perfectly sized vessels come in a wide variety of decorative finishes. The collection also offers matching accessories, from shot glasses and soapstone rocks, to personalized decanters and more.





wine-gifts-aromabar-wine-scents-premium-essences-edition-60-aromas-set-aromabar-fr6285-346. Aromabar Scent Kits

Wish you had the sense of an expert sommelier? The unique scent kits by Aromabar let you practice at home before your next wine tasting. Each set arrives with up to 50 vials containing the many essences of wine. Take a whiff of vanilla, grapefruit, and green pepper so your nose is trained like a pro!





wine-gifts-school-of-fish-ap-large-wine-glasses-set-of-4-rolf-glass-6277-375. Rolf Glassware

Rolf glassware is all about the etchings. Buyers can select from a wide selection of charming engraved designs, including the best nautical inspired emblems around. If you have a beach bum in your midst, these quality glasses make the perfect gesture.





wine-gifts-lenox-tuscany-decanter-with-stopper-susquehanna-glass-lts078-3124. Susquehanna Glassware

If you want to buy a wedding or anniversary gift for a special someone, Susquehanna glassware is trending due to the brand’s cool custom creations. Shoppers can choose from tons of artsy etched designs, or personalize their own set of fine stemless or stemmed wine glasses.



wine-gifts-tennessee-bourbon-whiskey-making-bootleg-kit-thousand-oaks-barrel-co-tenn-343. Oak Barrel Wine Making Kits

For the curious and crafty friend or family member, this is a gift that keeps on giving! Oak barrel wine making kits come with everything you need to brew up a batch of your very own red at home. You’ll even find similar kits for making whiskey, scotch, rum, and beyond. Best of all, the lovely oak barrel unit makes a great display.





wine-gifts-personalized-whiskey-barrel-2-liter-oak-barrel-jds-gc1028-322. Personalized Wine Barrels

With this unique gift, that special someone can take their whiskey or wine making hobby to the next level! Pair a personalized wine barrel with your choice of essences, and this will be an interesting hands-on gift for the holidays. Watch as everyone gathers around the barrel to see the family name proudly displayed (they can also pour a glass while they’re at it!).





wine-gifts-vingardevalise-grande-04-travel-suitcase-with-tsa-lock-vingardevalise-wlat4-311. VinGardeValise Wine Luggage

For the avid world traveler, VinGardeValise remains the master of moving wine. These heavy-duty rolling wine suitcases make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one’s upcoming wine tasting tour, California road trip, or European excursion. Pack up your favorite bottles and never worry about them cracking in transit!





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