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Bouquet The Wine Board Game

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A wine board game with 900 wine trivia questions. Play, drink wine and learn about wine!

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Regular Price: $49.95

Special Price: $42.95

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Bouquet is not a matter of life and death, it is simply a question of red and white.

- A world of fun as well as a source of information and inspiration.

- A game on the world of wines and spirits for novices and experts alike...

Bouquet is a unique fun parlor game with questions on wines and spirits – and an instant hit in Sweden, with more than 10,000 games sold already.

The game is just as entertaining, thrilling and rewarding for amateurs as it is for connoisseurs.

Here the true beginner and the scholar can go hand in hand or compete against each other on equal terms, thanks to the ingenious layout and a built-in handicap-system.

If you have ever played games like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit or golf for that matter, and really enjoyed doing it with your friends, you have a pretty good idea of what Bouquet is all about – further more it will provide you with an amazing tool, which will help you learn more about the secrets of the trades of wine and spirits..!

Regardless of your level of current knowledge in these fields, it is easy and fun to get started – and you’ll find it very rewarding to win the rat race when playing the game in competing teams.

- Just “let the dice roll”, move your cork around this world of wine and spirits – and go for it!

Questions are divided into six categories; Grapes, Region, Estate/Producer, Spirits, Fortified Wines and Vocabulary. As you proceed in the game, anything could happen.

You may visit a wine auction in New York or be asked to settle a longshoreman’s strike in Europe or be asked to identify a wine by the shape of its bottle.

Six categories, 900 questions and a few surprises along the road is what will be expecting you. The Bouquet® game is suitable for 2 – 6 players, individually or in teams.


The Wine Game – A vinous adventure for amateurs, professionals and seasoned connoisseurs who want to test their knowledge, demonstrate their skills, and learn more about fine wine.

Intended for adults

Game Pieces:

1 Game Board

6 Wine Cork Game Pieces

900 Category Cards

(6 categories with 150 questions in each)

150 Chance Card

1 Numbered Dice

1 Category Dice

Starting the Game:

Each player selects one wine cork game piece. Each individual piece reflects a continent and will represent the player throughout the game.

Purple represents Asia– Mr. Yamanashi

Red represents Australia– Ms. Phillips

Green represents Europe– Monsieur Penard

Orange represents South America– Señora Canepa

Blue represents North America– Mr. Cortez

Yellow represents Africa – Ms. Amoah

Each player starts the game by placing his or her game piece on the game board at the arrow matching the color of their game piece. This arrow represents both starting point and finish line for the respective player.

To determine the order of play, all players must roll the numbered dice once. The player with the highest number should start the game, followed by each subsequent player. In the event of a tie, players should roll the number dice until an order has been determined.

The Object of the Game:

To win the game a player must collect one Category Card from each category by correctly answering a question in that category. This should be accomplished before reaching the finish line. If a player returns to the finish line without a Category Card from each category he or she must continue around the board, in turn, until the required cards are collected.

How to Play:

The game is played clockwise in the direction of the arrow.

The first player rolls the dice and moves his or her game piece the corresponding number of spaces on the game board. The same player then rolls the category dice.

The player to the left of the rolling player selects the corresponding Category Card and reads the question aloud. The player currently taking a turn answers the question in that category correctly in order to collect that Category Card. If the player answers the question incorrectly, the card is returned to the bottom of its respective category deck. During the round, each player should have the opportunity to answer at least one question in each category. That player should retain Category Cards answered correctly until the end of the game.

The first player to collect a Category Card from each category before reaching the finish line (the square where they started the game) will be the winner.
If a player has not collected one of each Category Card during the first round, the game continues until the objective is met.

Note: The player should have at least one card in each category before reaching the finish line or be sent out for another round.
If two players land on the same space, the player currently occupying that space is knocked back to his or her starting square while retaining any collected category cards. This rule does not apply if a Chance Card instructs several players to gather on the same space.

Game Board Layout:

The board is designed for the players to travel throughout the world of fine wine. Along the route there are several Chance Squares. If a player lands on a Chance Square, he or she must select a Chance Card from the deck and follow the instructions. The category dice is rolled after reading the Chance Card and completing the instructed task.

If a player’s game piece lands on an arrow square, the player moves in the direction of the arrow on the next turn. The first player to reach his or her respective finish line with a Category Card in each category is the winner.

From Amateur to Connoisseur – You Choose the Skill Level

The Bouquet Winegame is designed to encourage wine knowledge but can just as well be played simply for having fun. Players can decide for themselves which level of difficulty suits them best, and select category questions accordingly.

There are three levels: amateur, professional and connoisseur. Players should select their appropriate level and stick to that level throughout the game. As their knowledge increases players can try more difficult levels during subsequent sessions, creating limitless learning opportunities and a very high replay value.

Here is an example of how questions are categorized by difficulty:

Sample Question: "Where is Château Giscours produced?"

Amateur level answer: France

Professional level answer: Bordeaux

Connoisseur level answer: Margaux

Each category card will have an answer for all three whenever possible.

As another example, any question reading: “Name at least …?"

Would be answered with one correct selection at the amateur level, two correct selections at the professional and all three correct selections on the connoisseur level.

Above All Else: Have Fun!

It is up to the individual players to decide how they want to interpret each and every question. The primary objective is to enjoy a good time with friends, expand your knowledge of the wines of the world, and have fun!

In Vino Veritas!

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