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Aromabar Der Weindufte

Have you ever been to a wine tasting, and your fellow drinkers sound like they have a PHD in wine? From flavor and texture to body, aroma, and color, grasping the many complex aspects of wine can be daunting. But when it comes to understanding the many layers of scent that a wine can embody, even amateurs can train themselves in the art of description. With the unique wine scent kits by Aromabar Der Weindufte, you can study the intricate aspects of your favorite reds, whites, and everything in between. The brand's complete selection of small and large essence vial kits make wonderful holiday and birthday gifts, but they’re also perfect for refining your beginner’s palate.

  1. Aromabar Wine Scents Premium Essences Edition (60 Aromas Set)

    Aromabar Wine Scents Premium Essences Edition (60 Aromas Set)

    Regular Price: $599.95

    Special Price: $589.95

  2. Aromabar White Wine Scents Starter Set

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price: $16.95

  3. Aromabar Red Wine Scents Starter Set

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price: $16.49


From fresh, fruity scents of a crisp white to the bold, smoky essence of a luscious red variety, every wine is totally distinct. When expert sommeliers and seasoned wine drinkers take even the slightest sniff of the glass in front of them, they instantly know the scent—hints of chocolate, cherry, pepper, lilac, fig, grapefruit, and beyond. Every deluxe kit by Aromabar brings you a vast selection of these common fragrances each encapsulated in a tiny vial. All you do is twist off the cap, behold its powerful scent, and look up the corresponding note in the included guidebook. From there, you can head to your next tasting with total confidence! Users receive anywhere from 3 to 60 individual vials depending on their chosen gift set. No matter your choice, Aromabar packages their scent essence kits in a lovely box or tin that’s ready for wrapping. If you’re an avid wine lover, this is the perfect piece to show off at your next cocktail party or family get-together. Don’t play guessing games. If you want to be a true oenophile, study hard with Aromabar!

Imagine inviting your closest friends over for a few glasses on a Friday night. As you pick out three or four bottles from the cellar, remember to set out your amazing Arombar premium essences kit for a one-of-a-kind experience! As you pour out each glass for your esteemed guests, show them the ropes with some corresponding vials. Let them sniff the plum, strawberry, caramel, vanilla, and more. When they raise each glass to their noses, they’ll receive an unexpected education!