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R. Croft Champagne Glasses

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Affordable wine glasses to serve any varietal in. Drink in style with our Ravenscroft Crystal designed stemware.

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R. Croft Collection


Ravenscroft Crystal is the embodiment of old-world European craftsmanship and a modern understanding of how the composition and shape of a wine glass can significantly enhance the tasting experience.

"Pure, Clean Crystal" Over the past four decades, the world of wine has experienced a renaissance in the development of wine and spirits glass design. Most recently, it was discovered that lead in glasses and decanters presents an unacceptable exposure to hazardous toxins. Long-term storage in leaded decanters can result in lead leaching into the contents. The most significant reason lead oxide is added to glassware is to aid in the manufacturing process. Despite increasingly stronger industry warnings, several of the world’s top stemware manufacturers continue to use lead in their stemware production. Lead-free glassware is the future, and the future has already begun with Ravenscroft, the world’s leading manufacturer of pure, clean, lead-free crystal for fine wine and spirits.

Experience the incredible luxury of Ravenscroft Crystal.

Dishwasher-safe and durable, the R. Croft Wine Collection is the perfect everyday stemware created with the same attention to detail as our Sommelier Collection. Designed in Europe, each stem is finely tuned to deliver wine to specific zones of the palate making it the perfect choice for everyday enjoyment of your favorite wines.

Height 9 1/2 in.

Capacity 10 oz.

Glasses per box - 4

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